Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So much time, so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.

Oh what I wouldn't give for a little team of Umpa Lumpa's these days. I could even deal with the obnoxious songs telling me about my bad parenting if they would just help me sort through all my junk. I can just imagine them now, squatting up and down singing:
"Umpa lumpa dumpadi dap,
Why are you collecting this crap?
Clutter and mess will bring nothing but stress
Why has your house become a trap...
for everything that's useless.."

And so on and so forth. After that foray into fantasy I must return to the issue at hand. I have TOO MUCH to do, and not enough time or energy to do it. I have long since started the great de-clutter of my house, but it has plateaued recently. I still have two huge problem areas to tackle- areas where I have no idea what I will find. These would be Jason and my offices. Jason's office is currently being used to house a dusty treadmill and two bins of random things I threw in there when I was making room for the treadmill. My office...well I don't even want to talk about what might be in there (like the various pictures and art that have never been hung on my walls for the past three years!).

I did manage to make some headway last night, thanks to the rain giving me a good reason to keep Dominic in from the playground. I cleaned the hall closet. Who knew how much junk was in there? What came out was 1 FULL bin of winter gear to be stored for another season, 1 large black garbage bag of assorted crap (the word of the day), and 4-5 trips either to the basement to put tools and a stroller in their "right" place or to take purses, clothes, and other items not currently in use upstairs. I also moved the shoe rack out of the closet and around the corner, in hopes that keeping it in plain view will help it to be a) used, and b) kept tidy. I then moved Dominic's scooter, roller skates, and ball bin in the closet. Here's the result.
Ahhh! I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't feel the need to shame myself on the world wide web.

So here's the list of things for me to do before we move.
  • Purge of junk: kitchen, Erin's office, Jason's office, Dominic's room, master bedroom, bathroom cabinets, and finish purging the basement (specifically tool and pain area under the stairs).
  • Sell or give away: big corner desk, couch and loveseat, captains bed in guestroom + any other crap I find that I don't want to keep.
  • Endless trips to the recycle center.
  • Create a folder of all necessary travel documents, housing and utility contacts, and identity documents.
  • Schedule carpet cleaning.
  • Schedule lease check out.
  • Schedule maid service or suck it up and do it myself.
  • Pack up office in McLean and make sure I have all things I need to work from home in my POV so I can start working right away upon arrival.
  • Call utilities to end in VA and utilities to start in CO
  • And most importantly: spend time with friends and family before setting out on my great life migration tale.
Now that I've written it out it looks so much more manageable- NOT! Anyone got a paper bag? I'm starting to hyperventilate.

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