Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revisiting Resolutions

So, every year on my birthday I resolve things (I find this more meaningful than the new year).  With less than two months till my next birthday, let's take a look and see how I am doing with last year's resolutions.

1. Run another 5k, be very close to being prepared to run the Bolder Boulder (10k) in 2011.
Well, I haven't done this quite yet, at least I haven't run a race. But I am in training for the Bolder Boulder and plan to do a 5K with Kevin and Ramona this month.
2. Re-upholster at least one chair
I have the supplies to reupholster a couch, all except the upholstery needle, so this is "in progress."
3. Sew my own curtains
Definitely not happening.  Well, maybe I'll get around to sewing curtains for Darcy before my birthday. I have the material, but I make no promises.
4. Finish my columbine quilt and my secondary circles quilt.
Ha!  The columbine quilt is a possibility, the secondary circles quilt is not.
5. Sew decorative pillows for my living room
Cancelled, after t he dog ate our existing ones.  This can go back on the list when he completely exits the chewing stage.
6. Paint EVERYTHING! (Or at least almost everything in my new home. I'm talking walls, doors, trim, and cabinets.  If I get really into it maybe even the kitchen counters?  Don't freak out Mom, that's just a musing.)
Though I have not painted everything, I'll leave this green. I'm very satisfied with what I was able to accomplish while working full time and being pregnant.  Work continues....
7. Build a bed and some bookshelves using plans from
Cancelled- I don't need another bed and I picked up enough cheap and free bookshelves, for now.  Bookshelves may be a summer project, but they are not a priority.
8. Raise my own vegetables and make home-made jam
Sigh... I never got my garden in.  It was just too much work without Jason, and by the time he got around to helping me with the yard, the season had passed.  But this resolution is staying on for next year.
9. Expand the family...
Green, very green.  I didn't even realize when I said this that I would be adding a dog to the family as well.  But, we have our darling Darcy and I call that success!
10. Visit my family in SE Asia (this is the improbable must most desired one)
Though this didn't happen, I'm marking it yellow since we are now at least planning a trip, for next Christmas!  Yayayayayay!

Hmm, I definitely have more red and yellow than green, but I'm not unhappy about it, and it's not that unexpected. I think it is fair to say that I have very high expectations for myself and tend to get over committed.  Stuff that was not on this list that did get done included painting Darcy's crib and dresser/changing table, and sewing her crib skirt, bumper, and sheets.  I've done plenty of projects, so the ones I didn't do were because they lost on out the priority wars.  So far 27 has been good, very good.  I'm excited to see what 28 brings, and I'm even contemplating a 30 before 30 list.  Do I dare?

I am SAHM, SAHM I am

After only four months, I finally have time to blog again! (well, sort of)  The end of the year was pretty busy what with having a baby and hosting Christmas dinner for 30 family members.  And then it's just been an adjustment period. While I was on maternity leave, we had Dominic going to preschool only part-time.   Over the 7 week period, it became increasingly obvious that Dominic wanted to spend more time at home and that some of his behavioral issues from the last year or so are stemming from a sense of insecurity.  Add this to a new baby and the fact that I've found my job entirely unfulfilling and eventually Jason and I took a hard look at our finances and decided we could afford for me to quit and stay home with the kids.

Anyway, I'm taking my job as as Stay-At-Home-Mom very seriously, and with the same amount of anal retention that makes me plan my menus a month in advance.  I've set up my old office as our class room, drawn up a schedule in half-hour increments, planned the snack and lunch menu, and made a lesson plan for the week.  I'd like to do the lesson plan further out, but I figure I need to gauge progress every week and work from there.  Here are a few pictures from our classrooom.
Darcy hanging out

The start of our number line.  Teaching Dominic to recognize numbers and help his cutting skills.

Dom working hard to color pictures that start with "a" for the first page of his alphabet book.

A lesson in word building.  I used "bat"- the other word was what Dom wanted to know how to spell.

Anyway, so far it's been a real treat. I get to spend more focused time with Dom, cuddle Darcy (and no pumping!) and I've divided all my weekend chores across the week so I don't have to spend a full day just doing household chores every weekend. I do these during Dom's "free play" time.

On a side note, I was going to use this title anyway, but it's timely. Happy Birthday to on of my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss!