Monday, April 5, 2010


When Dominic was born I was a little taken aback by how many people exclaimed that he looked EXACTLY like Jason.  Not a drop of me in the child.  And I have to admit, he carries some of the dominant genes from that side of the family- the nose, the cheeks, the big brown eyes (while my eyes are brown, they are definitely more "squinty" than J's). 

But as Dominic grew older, two things happened.  1- he started to look like he might actually be my child, and 2- his personality emerged.  Anyone who has met both my husband and my son can tell you- Dominic is 100% Erin in personality traits.  He is very (sometime too) friendly, outgoing, happy, and energetic.  He can also be stubborn and sulky when he doesn't get his way, and he shows a definite flair for the dramatic as well as a developed imagination.  We get along great together (most of the time).

As he has gotten older I've really come to appreciate that we have similar senses of fun.  Three is such a wonderful age.  In between tantrums and boundary-testing, Dominic and I are able to do a lot of things that I enjoy, together.  In addition to helping me cook, Dominic is now able to help me paint furniture and garden.  Yesterday we spent a great afternoon painting a dresser and planting some violas- followed by sword fighting and riding his scooter around the block (we took turns).  We sang some Disney tunes together all the while.  (Okay- he only know "Street Rat" from Aladdin, but I'll take it). 

Next I'll have to teach him the wonderful tunes from Mulan and the Little Mermaid- and maybe teach him to cross-stitch/needlepoint?  And in case any of you are concerned that I'll make him a girly-boy, just keep in mind that we also play soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, wrestle and have tickle-wars.  The sports are not going to be sustainable (for me) in the long run though, he is quickly passing my skill level!


  1. Yup. 100% Erin personality. Although I think he's got some Quinn-charm like his Gruncle Shawn and Uncle Drew. Chris is watching me post this and wants something said about him and Dominic. So "something"