Monday, April 19, 2010

Master of Persuasion

After taking FOREVER to get Dominic to sleep in his own room just after he turned one, it feels like a backslide every night that he ends up in my bed before 5 am.  After 5am doesn't count because we get up shortly after that and it's just morning cuddle time.  With Jason gone, it has been a challenge.  1) I don't like sleeping alone, and 2) I have parent guilt that says I need to make some special accomodations for  his absense.  Nonetheless, I would really not like to start a habit that is going to end in midnight battles later down the road.  Every night I've been tucking Dominic into his own bed with a hug and a kiss, and every morning, he is somehow slumbering right next to me.  Usually he just sneaks in after I've gone to sleep (is he waiting for the lights to go off?) or after I get him up to use the bathroom, but last night was a bit different.

Erin: (reading book)
Dominic: (patters into room looking adorable in jammies) Mommy, can I sleep in your bed now?
Erin: No Dominic, you have your own room and your own bed for sleeping in.
Dominic: (indicating big empty spot next to me) But there's a spot right there!
Erin: There is also a spot in your bed, in your room.
Dominic: but I want to snuggle with you.
Erin: Did you bring your oobie?  Promise mommy to close your eyes and go to sleep while I read.
Dominic: (scampers off and returns quickly)
some minutes pass
Dominic: Mommy, I'm going to go potty so I don't pee pee in your bed
Erin: That would be good.  Goodnight Dominic.

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