Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dining Room/Front Room

After Dominic's room, the dinning room and front room (so called because it doesn't really have a function) were the next thing I tackled.  This is kind of an awkward space since it it is long and skinny, and has a weird beam running straight across it.  My first thought was that the beam just looked so out of place and awkward- especially since it was the same color as everything else.

This room isn't really "done" yet. I still need to line the curtains (table clothes from Target) find a corner hutch for my wine glasses and liquor, and figure out what I'm putting in that front room area. I keep hoping to find two matching wingback chairs that I can re-upholster, and I'm also hoping that when my Grandparents move, they won't have room for their piano and I'll be forced to take it off their hands.  Oh- and I want to paint that brassy chandelier- but I can't decide on white or oil-rubbed bronze.  Any thoughts?
Before-From Front Door
After- From Front Door
Before- From Dining Room
After- From Dining Room
Stairwell seating area-
where the piano or wingback chairs would go


  1. holy crap, did you paint those high ceilings and beams yourself? pregnant? kudos to you!!

  2. No, I only did the bottom half of the room. I made Jason do the top half while he was on leave.