Monday, May 10, 2010

Making Progress

Jason headed of to GA for some more lovely training on Saturday morning.  Thankfully, we got to spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening with him.  I had to work all week, but Dominic did get to go hiking with his Dad and gruncle on Thursday.  Anyway, with Jason gone before 9am, I pretty much had the whole weekend to get stuff done.  And I got'r dun.
On Saturday:

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • trip to Walmart for vacuum bags/filters and car stuff for the upcoming road trip
  • trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up shower gift for my cousin Lara, who is getting married this summer
  • 2 1/2 hour nap (much needed)
  • posted items on Craigslist and freecyle
On Sunday:
  • 3 more loads of laundry (washing sheets, towels, and comforters to be stored until after the move
  • cleaned out master closet
  • trip to recycle center to drop off too much stuff
  • trip to target (after discovering I purchased all the wrong vacuum components on Sat)
  • Starbucks date with the Dom to celebrate mothers' day
  • Home Depot to drop off propane tanks that will NOT be moving with us, and buy tool caddy and hardware organizer (plus pick up paint chips for my home records book)
  • Trader Joes for groceries (mostly frozen meals since I won't be cooking much until after I settle in in CO
  • sanded primer and painted two dresser/side tables one coat
  • organized tools and paint downstairs
  • made arrangements for treadmill pick up
  • took Dom on roller skating adventure around the neighborhood
  • sold massive corner desk and watched in leave (if somewhat painfully) the premises
  • made chocolate chip cookies and dinner with Dom
So I am definitely making progress.  This probably doesn't matter much to the few of you that read this blog, but posting it makes me feel like I got something accomplished.  And I need that because I still have to:
  • call Verizon and cancel service, despite not being the name on the account and not knowing the account number or the customer service number
  • follow up with WashGas to confirm service cancellation
  • cancel service with Fairfax Water
  • clean grill- it's yucky
  • paint one (or two?) more coats on dresser/side tables
  • put together important documents file and continuing cleaning office
  • clean out Dom's closet
  • clean out bathroom cabinets
  • patch and paint various parts of house
  • sell sofa and love seat
  • freecycle guestroom bed
  • use or lose pantry and refrigerator items
  • take video of household goods
  • pack up stuff to take in the van with me
  • wash pots (for flowers) and replant one plant for a colleague
  • finish removing personal touches from work office
I could go on, but you get the idea. Wish me luck, I see many more nights of work ahead. I have two weekends left, and on each weekend I have a family commitment that will rob me of most of the day.



  1. how do you accomplish so much with a wee one running around?! i need to know the secret for the days when i hopefully have my own. good luck finishing everything up in the next few weeks!

  2. threats, bribes, and dvds :)