Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

I haven't been blogging as much as I've been meaning to, but I hope that will be forgiven considering my current status as a single-mom trying to get ready for a move while also preparing to be out from my extremely demanding job for two weeks.

Since my last post I've managed to accomplish many things.  I have now notified all my utilities that they should be turned off, and I've arranged to have internet connected at the new house the day I arrive (yeah, I can't live without my internet).  Thankfully all the other utilities for my new house are on and all I have to do upon arrival is switch them to my name.  I've finished de-cluttering the house, except the fridge (top and inside) which will be done this weekend when I officially start eating out 3 meals a day (can you see my butt getting bigger?).  I've also patched and touched up every nail hole in the house and had a walk-through with our moving company.

With some of these more onerous tasks done, I'm looking forward to the weekend.  On Saturday, I'll get to see my aunt, cousin, and grandparents at my cousin's bridal shower.  My family is probably the single most important thing in my life, so I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to say goodbye to at least part of the East Coast clan.  I'll be with my grandparents much much more in Colorado, and that will be wonderful.

This post is getting long, but let me just take a moment to talk about how much my grandparents mean to me.  Grandfather has always been a supporter and encourager of my sometimes wild imagination.  For years he encouraged me to pursue writing and become a published author like he is.  I think my writing may be a bit different, but I have a dream to write a series of children's novels, something I've been harboring since I was about 12.  LONG before Harry Potter, I dreamed up many magical worlds that are somewhere between Narnia and the wizarding world of the Potter series.  Grandfather, you may see me published yet.  And Grandmother.  Well, if there was ever a more gentle, stubborn, loving, and determined person, I haven't met them.  My grandmother taught me to quilt, and basically gave me my entire stash of fabrics when she was "cleaning" out hers.  She also taught me to drive (or tried to) the summer before I went to college.  I remember taking a right turn at the bottom of a hill WAY too fast and swinging all the way over into the left lane and on-coming traffic.  She didn't scream, didn't clutch at me, she simply said, "Erin get back into the right lane as quickly as possible."  I can't wait to be near you again.

Okay, now I forgot where I as going with this post, so I'll wrap up.  I'm excited to get going and to be so close to some family I haven't seen much in the last five years.

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