Monday, June 14, 2010

Transition Sucks

Well all, I'm back.  I've survived a huge move without my hubby, while in my first trimester, with a temperamental 3-year old.  Of course, I had help.  My wonderful father-in-law flew out to Virginia just to spend 3 days in a car with Dominic and I, and then my in-laws kept Dominic for a week so I could "move-in" without him.  Unfortunately,  my shipment arrived 6 days later than originally anticipated, so Dominic was back with me by the time I actually got to do any unpacking.

But the week of no stuff and no Dom gave me a chance to start painting (and I mean start, there is still SOO much to do) and to get some things squared away.  I will post before and afters as I finish rooms.  Dominic's is almost done, I just have to finish and rehang his closet doors and get some of his decorations up on the wall.

I also got a chance to tour the school that Dom is attending while he was up with his grandparents.  It seems very nice and had a philosophy of learning that both Jason and I embrace, but it is the source of my tears this morning.  We LOVED Reston Children's Center where Dominic went from the time he was 10 months old to just three weeks ago.  Dominic knew and loved the teachers, and they reciprocated in a way that you don't expect from a facility serving so many different children.  It was very hard to leave it, and I've already shed many tears over that.

Dominic started his new school last week and seemed to do fine.  He was a bit clingy in the morning, but there were no tears.  His teacher reported that he was transitioning well and I was pretty pleased.  Well, pulling up this morning Dom says, "I don't think I like this school.  I think I just want to be with you all day, Mommy."  As soon as we stopped he unbuckled himself and went to hide in the back seat.  I had to tell him I would sit with him a bit before he would come out.

So we went inside and I sat with him in his class room, just hugging, for a few minutes until he was ready to go join the rest of the children who arrive early.  Then I helped him find a toy, lay out his mat, and gave him another big long hug.  But he wouldn't let go.  When I left, he wasn't shrieking or being hysterical, just quietly sobbing into the neck of the teacher.  It was heart wrenching and I barely made it to my car before my own sobs erupted.  Maybe it's the hormones, but this morning was especially hard.

I'm sure that part of Dominic's sadness has to do with the many, many goodbyes and transitions lately.  First, with his dad going off to training, and it being more than 5 weeks since we last saw him.  Then leaving VA, then leaving his grandparents and favorite uncle in Greeley.  We also had my brother and sister-in-law here for a whirlwind trip of 4 days and my parents here for 6 days.  We had to say goodbye to them at the airport yesterday.  I imagine that Dominic is feeling pretty insecure, and I am the one constant through this whole transition.  Hopefully things will improve next week when Jason finally comes home.  Sunday can't come soon enough.

Now off to work, the whole reason why I have to send Dominic anywhere in the first place.

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