Monday, November 22, 2010

My son, budding photographer

Dominic has definitely shown a keen interest in photography from as far back as I can remember.  In fact, it was with a kid's camera as the prize that I was finally able to potty train him.  This is fun in so many ways, but can be a pain as well.  For instance, I love seeing his crazy shots, but when I want to take pictures, my camera batteries are always low.

His Fisher-Price camera has never really satisfied him, the quality just isn't there.  So more often then not, he snags my little point 'n shot and goes to town.  It's so fun deleting a hundred pictures of the floor and people's butts.   Every once in a while though, he get's a few good shots in.  Here are some of his latest:

Self-Portrait (but he really does have hair, I promise)

view out his bedroom window- I'm impressed with how in focus everything is
Me, painting trim this weekend 

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