Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quilt Story

I did it!  Having begun this quilt in early 2004, I finally completed it over last weekend.  Man, this thing has been with me in six different houses/apartments and has fabric in it from at least 3 different quilt shops.

When I first started it, I thought I would make it for my MIL-to-be, Michelle.  But, then I realized it wasn't really her colors, so I made her a different small quilt which now hangs in her guest room.  So then I decided it would be for Michelle's mother, my dear Grandma Gayle.  At this point, I had pieced the back (something I did in one day and a few hours of hanging out with my own grandmother), but hadn't gotten any further.

After Jason and I were married in June 2005, we moved to the East Coast.  On our way to NoVA, we stopped in Maryland and I saw GG's house for the first time.  Well, it is impeccably decorated and I confess to thinking within a few minutes of entering that I would have to find another recipient for this quilt. I knew if I gave it to her, she'd feel obliged to hang it somewhere, and it didn't fit her color scheme either.  At this point, I had at least cut the fabric for the applique, though not a single flower or vine appeared on the quilt.

Well, when GG's mother (aka Brambie) moved out to live with her, I knew my quilt had found it's perfect recipient. Brambie likes ALL colors, and the brighter the better.  Brambie just celebrated her 90th birthday, and though this was not completed in time, I hope it will brighten the rest of her year.

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